Take Up Unit Bearings

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Take-up bearings are used in conjunction with take-up frames. Take-up bearings and take-up frames can be sold as a unit (assembly) or as individual components. Take-up assembly (frame with bearings) - They often include a take-up assembly that consists of a guide frame, positioning screw, and hardware for position adjustment.



Take-Up Units. Get take-up bearings and frames from Grainger to help operate belt-driven applications, such as fans and blowers, food processing equipment and agricultural equipment. Narrow-slot take-up bearing types feature stainless steel construction to help support lighter-duty applications.Take Up Unit Bearings. Take-up bearings are mounted bearings consisting of a guide frame, positioning screw, and mounting hardware and are typically used to align conveyor tracks and maintain conveyor belt tension. AST Bearings offers a wide range of take-up bearings units both in inch and metric dimensions. Each are available with or without an eccentric locking collar.




QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU19V307SEM Take Up Unit Bearings

B04144 97 mm
110 kN 73 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU19V090ST Take Up Unit Bearings

62 mm 11.2 kN
-20 °C 100 °C

QM INDUSTRIES QVTU19V304SEN Take Up Unit Bearings

66 Double
Yes (with retaining Black Oxide Coating

QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU19V090SC Take Up Unit Bearings

Double 50
7 Days 1045 Carbon Steel

QM INDUSTRIES QVTU19V304SEC Take Up Unit Bearings

N/A 0.787 Inch | 20 Mill
0 Inch | 0 Millimete 5.91 Hz

QM INDUSTRIES QVTU19V304SEM Take Up Unit Bearings

1045 Carbon Steel Electroless Nickel P
Bearings with Housin 35 ~ 50

QM INDUSTRIES QVTU19V303SN Take Up Unit Bearings

12.8 0.38 Hz
3.78 Hz 18,000 rpm

QM INDUSTRIES QVTU19V085ST Take Up Unit Bearings

Standard Radial
Single Track 10

QM INDUSTRIES QMTU18J307SO Take Up Unit Bearings

25 mm 22 Nm
71.3 mm 55.4 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMTU18J304SO Take Up Unit Bearings

No J7
Bearing Steel Cast Iron

QM INDUSTRIES QMTU18J303SO Take Up Unit Bearings

21 mm 70 mm
3.7 Nm 12.5 mm